the truth about online eye exams

You may have heard about online eye exams, but are they really the same as an in-person exam from your doctor? Your eye doctor examines much more than your vision, but also your eye’s health, which your computer cannot do. Through comprehensive eye exams, your doctor can even spot early signs of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and even tumors.


Password: eyebeware


The internet plays a large part in our modern world and is used for a plethora of conveniences, such as entertainment, research or even socializing. In this piece, we dissuade the target audience "tech-savvy young adults and teens who would rather use technology than see a doctor face-to-face" from using the internet for medical diagnosis. 


I chose to use a solid, minimally-textured, graphic illustrative style with technical imagery sprinkled throughout the piece to relate to an audience of young adult and teen internet users. 


Design and Animation: Sammi Arman

Made for Rendia Inc.

Rendia Inc. is a software company that specializes in enhancing the patients' experiences with their doctors. Rendia works to empower patients to make informed health decisions by creating memorable graphics for waiting rooms, social media use, patient emails and website uploads.