Happy birthday balloon

Happy birthday from your practice!


Password: helium


I was tasked with creating a :20 - :30 memorable birthday message that would aid in enhancing the relationship between patients and their doctors. This piece is for doctors to email to their patients on their special day. I chose to create a mini-narrative about a balloon character who escapes the confines of his string and is released to enjoy a wacky world. 


I decided to begin with a square ratio, typical of internet greeting cards, and then expand the restraints of the white box to emphasize the balloons entrance into the city. Style choices, like the thin lineweight and bold black shadows are inspired by Buck's AMP titles.


Design and Animation: Sammi Arman

Made for Rendia Inc.

We are a software company that specializes in enhancing the patients' experiences with their doctors. We work to empower patients to make informed health decisions by creating memorable graphics for waiting rooms, social media use, patient emails and website uploads.