abcdes of moles

Did you know that you can detect the first signs of skin cancer by careful inspection of moles? Here are the five characteristics to watch out for.


Password: abcmoles


ABCs are a primary learning step for children, let's regress back to kindergarten and treat warning signs for skin cancer with the same importance as learning your ABCs.


The color scheme contains a variety of hues for the childhood nature, though is desaturated to construe the maturity of the topic. The dust texture is used to emulate an retro screen, like a projector that you may remember your teacher using in school.


Design and Animation: Sammi Arman

Made for Rendia Inc.

Rendia Inc. is a software company that specializes in enhancing the patients' experiences with their doctors. Rendia works to empower patients to make informed health decisions by creating memorable graphics for waiting rooms, social media use, patient emails and website uploads.