uv myths

Fun in the sun! We debunk the misconception that most sun damage occurs in childhood in this infographic. Don't forget that sun protection is essential for all ages.


Password: sunshine


Do you think you are invincible against the UV rays? Without proper protection, you will eventually experience the negative effects of the sun's rays. This infographic is summer themed to get viewers in the spirit of the season, while also teaching them an important lesson. 


Inspired by the glow and warmth of summer, I chose to use mood light gradients as a driving element in the aesthetic quality of this piece.


Design and Animation: Sammi Arman

Made for Rendia Inc.

We are a software company that specializes in enhancing the patients' experiences with their doctors. We work to empower patients to make informed health decisions by creating memorable graphics for waiting rooms, social media use, patient emails and website uploads.