2017 senior project from savannah college of art and design



Paying tribute to my grandmother, “Meema,” for her constant encouragement and love with a series of charming animations based on stories she’s shared with my family over the years.



In this piece, I have animated several of my grandma’s stories narrated by her, just as she has
told them to our family for years. Each story is from a different segment from her youth and
young adulthood. The snippets of her life that I have chosen to share, frame her character
as the authentic, confident, and quick-witted individual that she has always been. There are
three stories total, narrated by my grandmother, told casually, in the same way that she might
tell a story when it’s conversationally relevant. The piece is presented using a 4:3 aspect ratio
as a reference to the 1950s- the decade in which each story has taken place.



The Motion Awards Finalist - Student Group Project

ADC Young Ones - Bronze Cube Award - Illustration - Motion - Single or Series

Honorable Mention - Florida Animation Festival (Tallahassee, FL)


Direct Online Short Film Festival
Animation Block Party (Brooklyn, NY)
Florida Animation Festival (Tallahassee, FL)


Created by: Sammi Arman

Animation: Sammi Arman and Jeremy Wechsler

Additional Cel Animation: Brina Woolhiser and Sandy Owens

Stories and Narration: Sandra Yospa "Meema"